About Us

Stand up for You, Your Daughter & Women Everywhere

For a long time, women have been seen as ornaments to be sculpted into Society's
Idea of beautiful & we are here to say Enough is Enough. 

We are more than the unrealistic expectations society has tried to condition us with.

Have you ever had this thought or feeling too? 

We are Confident, Powerful, Capable, Strong, Smart, Independent Women raising our little girls to grow up with the brains and body image that is beautiful to them, Regardless of the outside pressure from society telling us...

What we are "Capable" of
Who we "Should" be &
What we "Should" look like.

We know when Women join forces & come together that we are unstoppable and that is what Valentino Rise stands for.

No Woman Left Behind

Are you ready to....

Rise above Self-Doubt,
Rise above Limiting Beliefs,
Rise above Society's Expectations &
Rise Together

If you're feeling inspired & aligned with us then stick around Sister because you're in the right place.

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 Love C&S Valentino